Amazin' Grazin' Boxes

Now that our lives are opening up, take advantage of the great outdoors and make picnics with your  friends and family that little bit extra special with one of our Amazin' Grazin' Boxes

Charcuterie Box


o  Cold Charcuterie Meats

         (i.e. hams, salami, chorizo, cured meat)

o  A Selection of 3 cheeses

         (usually brie, mozzarella, comté)

o  Homemade Sausage Roll

o  Antipasti Selection

         (roasted peppers, artichokes, peppadew pepper)

o  Marinated Olives

o  Crackers

o  Rocket

o  Fruit

o  Chutney

Vegetarian Box


o    Slice of Freshly baked Quiche

o    A Selection of 3 cheeses

          (usually brie, mozzarella, comté)

o    Roasted Vegetable and Nut Muffin

o    Antipasti Selection

          (roasted peppers, artichokes, peppadew pepper)

o    Marinated Olives

o    Crackers

o    Rocket 

o    Fruit

o    Chutney

As lockdown eases little by little and we are starting to venture into the great outdoors again with our family and friends why not create some special memories to mark the occasion?
To help we have created our individual
Amazin’ Grazin’ Boxes 
That can be delivered direct your door.

- Monday to Sundays -
*minimum of 4 boxes per order*

Choosing between our Charcuterie Box or our Vegetarian Box.
Each box is filled with incredibly fresh and delicious grazing elements.
Perfect for a day at the beach, during your walk through the countryside 
or on that park bench we hear a lot about.

Everyone has their own personal Amazin’ Grazin’ Box to allow for distancing,
complete with your own menu, recyclable cutlery and paper napkin. 

So nothing else is needed – apart from maybe some bubbles and a rug

The cost is £13.90 per person including vat and free delivery between 
11:00 and 12:30pm on your pre-arranged day
to Merrow and Burpham addresses. 
Other local areas are possible, for a small delivery charge. 
There is limited availability for collection, but these slots do go very quickly. Alternative delivery times are available with prior agreement.

Plus with the additional option for an extra box with Tom’s trademark homemade mini sweet treats you can make your picnic totally unique.
For just £3.50 per box. 

So, why not treat the family? A neighbour?
A friend who you cannot be with on their birthday?
A hard working teacher or key worker?  

Simply as a gift to someone who just deserves a big thank you?
Or, at last the family getting all together in the park or your garden!

Contact us – and we’ll send you all the details.