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Christmas Remnants

This time of year twixt Christmas and New Year sees most of us, preparing a meal using up anything leftover from all that feasting; or craving a simple fresh salad!!!.


Here are a few ideas for the leftovers, as opposed to the fresh salad…


Left -Over Cooked Turkey or Gammon – Cut into chunks. Put into an oven proof dish. Stir through sauteed onions and tinned sweetcorn. Pour over cheese sauce (see below). Top with bought puff pastry. Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes until piping hot. Serve with fresh vegetables or a fresh salad – the latter to make you feel a little better.


Left-Over Vegetables – Simply pile them all, parnsips, potatoes, carrots, onions, brussels sprouts, even any left over bread sauce or gravy into a large saucepan; but not red cabbage unless you want pink soup! (And the baked red cabbage will keep for 10 days or so, anyway in a sealed Tupperware or in a jar in the fridge . Or freeze it.)  Add stock to all the veggies and sauces and simmer until really hot.  You could also add pieces of any meat. Use a stick blender to cream all together. Very nourishing for a cold December or January lunchtime. For a real treat top with croutons made with any left-over breads; stir through a little left-over cream and a small splash of sherry – excellent.


Left -Over Cheeses – Cheese should last several weeks if well wrapped and kept in the fridge anyway. Otherwise grate them and freeze in bags for later in January to stir through pasta, or to make a cheese toastie or buck rarebit, or top a jacket potato. Or use them to make a cheese sauce for a macaroni cheese or for our turkey and ham pie (see above).


- Left-Over Christmas Pudding & Mince Pies – Put a good tub of vanilla or salted caramel ice cream into a large bowl. Allow to soften, just a little.  Crumble up the cooked pudding and/or mince pies and gently fold into the ice cream. Stir through a splash of any left over sherry, Madeira or orange liqueur, if you like. Serve slightly softened.  Et voila Christmas Ice Cream!


Left-Over Single Cream – stir through a pasta dish, into a shepherd’s pie or bolognaise sauce.  Add to gravy or soup or stir into mash potato.  Best of all – use it in your scrambled eggs or in an omelette.   If you have whipped or double cream left over, whip it up and fold in crumbled meringues and slices of fresh bananas. Then top with a shop bought caramel sauce – heaven!..


Left-Over Mulled Wine -  Freeze it in a plastic container  for a couple of hours until slushy.  Mash slightly with a fork to break up any hard granules, for a lovely granita for a fresh, if boozy, dessert. Alternatively pop a little into your next pork casserole for a real ‘what is that lovely flavour?’ to it.


Left-Over Baileys (yeah right, as if!) – Pour over cold vanilla ice cream or over warm pancakes. Stir into an iced coffee (sublime) or into a hot chocolate. Add a good splash to custard or into a rice pudding. Or simply drink it!


Happy New Year


Sue and Tom

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