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About Us

Our family catering business was established in January 2000.

The very first booking was the honour to be asked to cater for a funeral reception. 

The bereaved family later said ‘it was as if the fairies had come to brighten up our day’.

That was it! Sue knew that doing what she loved best 

was also hugely appreciated by other people.

How rewarding is that?

Then as the bookings started to pour in, literally thousands and thousands over the years – 

it was wonderful to welcome son Tom to the already expanding team. With his vast experience in all aspects of hospitality, event management and as a chef – what a huge asset.

Lucky hosts.

Then, finally, husband and Dad -Tim- took the logical step to also join the family business. Bringing with him over 40 years business experience. Doing whatever needs doing with his hard working, uber efficient and can-do attitude;

but, he is particularly happy if it means growing some of the fresh vegetables
used in our menus.

We really are a family dedicated to offering the very best in hospitality

for every imaginable type of occasion

with our delicious home cooked food and great service

– and we genuinely love everyone of them.

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