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Food Preparation

Choosing the right menu for you

All our freshly prepared homemade food is tailor made to your occasion.

So, we would love nothing better than to find out all about what you are celebrating or planning – where and when is it to be, who is coming?

Then we devise your menu - perhaps incorporating something different, unusual or one of our signature dishes.

Finger Food

Perfect for a funeral reception, memorial service or business lunch.

Our finger food menus are for when the menu needs to be more comprehensive than just divine canapés, perhaps for a light lunch. And if it is teatime then there have to be cake stands full of our homemade sweet treats, lemon tarts and fresh cream scones.

IMG_3811 2.jpeg

Fork Buffets

Perfect for most parties and events.

Usually served cold and plentiful – with the table groaning with cold meats and fish platters, quiches, breads, nut loaves, roulades with lots of salads and homemade desserts.

Alternatively, the table could be laden with piping hot dishes, as appropriate.

The Full Works

Perfect for a special occasion where you want to really treat your guests.

Our fork buffet with bells on! So, it needs big whole fresh Scottish salmon, our trademark coronation chicken that is always devoured plus whatever other delights we can think up.

Bowl Food

Bowl Food

Great if space is limited or a more casual ambience for the occasion or party is required.

Lots of guests but nowhere to sit down at a table? But you still would love to serve a meal?

That is when bowl food is the answer and so very 2021.

Lasagnes, chillis, tagines and hotpots presented in rustic bowls with just a fork needed.

Special Dietary Requirements

Merrow Savouries are pleased to have been awarded the GOLD EAT OUT EAT WELL AWARD.

In addition Sue, Tom and Tim have successfully taken exams on special dietary requirements, allergens and food preferences. 

 Whether you have a guest who is vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or who is coeliac or with a nut allergy or simply wanting a healthy option –

We know exactly what they need and it would be a pleasure to cook for them.

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