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Grazing Boards

"adding a wow factor to your party table"

Fancy treating your guests to something a little different?

Be it for a smart VIP business lunch, stag or hen party, end of term occasion,

or simply ‘any excuse for a party’.

Of course, every type of menu has its place - Finger Buffets are perfect for christenings or even

funeral receptions, Splendid Fork Buffets for a special occasion or the very popular

Bowl Food when there is a tight space - so you need to stand and eat.


But, there is another type of menu and presentation that is so very on trend, hugely adaptable and perfect for a hungry crowd to graze, choosing what they want, when they want.

Our Grazing Boards have the wow factor and with Tom preparing it for you,

 freshly and in situ moments before your guests arrive.

They are a very impressive tasty option whether it is for 12 guests or 112 guests

– we have just the right equipment to present a super menu.


In fact, one of our hosts said we should call it ‘our amazin’ grazin’ board’.

Think large (or even extremely huge) platters absolutely crammed on various levels with savouries for guests to help themselves.


Full of literally dozens of items such as – home baked honey and mustard hams, charcuterie with salamis, prosciutto and chorizos; maybe hoisin sausages;

cheeses such as whole camemberts, mature cheddars, gouda, brie or manchego;

perhaps slices of our homemade quiches or nut and ratatouille bakes,

griddled vegetables, fresh crudites with dips, stuffed peppers, big olives and cornichons.

Plus different artisan breads, crispbreads, crackers and homemade oatcakes,

with plenty of homemade chutneys.


All beautifully presented together with fresh fruit and whatever else Tom can fit on the boards.

Actually, it is quite difficult to accurately describe our Grazing Boards

– so please just have a look at a couple of pics of our recent ones.


As you will see from our Halloween Board – we can also tweak and dress them

according to the occasion or season.


I can promise you your guests will be impressed, and the word will surely be ‘wow’!

And yes! We present Sweet Treat Boards as well – little creamy chocolate eclairs, mini pavlovas,

lemon tartlets and Tom’s signature copious chocolate brownies.


What’s not to like?

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