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In these most difficult of times please be completely re-assured that Merrow Savouries 

take every precaution necessary (and beyond the Government’s COVID-19 guidelines)

 to ensure that all our food, prepared in our 5 star hygiene rated kitchen is to the strictest of Environmental Health Guidelines laid out for the safe handling of food during this pandemic when we must all keep as well, healthy and safe as possible.

Whilst health and hygiene is always one of our top priorities, at the moment we have taken the matter even further and all our food is only to be presented

 in individual recyclable boxes.

Currently each person will have their own food, in their own box or boxes and then those boxes are placed in their own closed paper carrier bag.

Meaning that nobody has to share plates or select food off the same plate as someone else. Everything is personal.

We take this precaution so seriously, that right now we only present our food this way. No matter if it is within a working environment, for a family, a couple or those within a bubble.

The boxes within their own paper carrier bag are then delivered to your doorstep,
in a plastic box so that the bags do not touch your doorstep or ground.

Your doorbell will be rung. 

The delivery driver who will be wearing a mask and protective gloves
will then step right back to a safe distance.

You will be asked to pick up your paper carrier bags without touching the plastic box.

The box will be returned to our van and sanitised.

We ask that all payments, if possible, are made by bank transfer

 so that no cash is handled.

Keep well, healthy and safe.

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