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Homemade Sunday Afternoon Teas! Now there’s an idea…..

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

In these most difficult and troubling of times, with so much human despair and heartbreak; tens of thousands of businesses, all over the world, are having to diversify. (Another new ‘2020 word’ including covid, furlough and lockdown).

Here at Merrow Savouries we are no different. Very few of the events we love to cater for and manage - from funeral receptions to business lunches, christenings to family parties, have obviously been able to take place. So very sad for so many of our hosts.

However, when ‘all this’ first happened I was seriously inundated with requests to deliver the very fashionable and very 2020 - Afternoon Teas. It was all over the news how everyone wanted a comforting teatime back. But, that is not what Merrow Savouries did. We catered for big parties and occasions.

I simply did not ‘think out of the box’.

But things have changed, big time, and I have now ‘thought out of the box’. Or should I say

‘in the box.’ Literally! And succumbed to demand and have started to make and bake for the teas.

Home Made Sunday Afternoon Tea delivered in 2 separate biodegrable boxes. One with freshly prepared finger sandwiches and savouries, and the other with home made fresh cream and strawberry scone and our signature home made mini cakes.

Everyone having their own individual boxes, so no sharing of plates or food, keeping everyone nice and safe. Our tea takers could either enjoy their tea straight from their boxes sitting on a blanket on the carpet, with a glass of bubbly, pretending to be on a picnic; or could put Granny’s old but pretty tablecloth and vintage china on the table and replate our treats onto their own crockery. Pretending to be in a proper tea room, before lockdown.

But, OMG I had no idea our teas would be so popular. Requests for them have been incredible (and they now have to be limited so they can all be delivered fresh and on time) - from people simply wanting a weekend treat to look forward to; to the family planning Sunday watching the movies with a home made tea; the busy couple wanting to cuddle up in front of the fire forgetting their stressful week and not worry about cooking; or the lady who said ‘We love home made scones and cakes but I would never make them just for the 2 of us’; Or the couple ordering it as a thankyou for their friends who do their weekly shop; Or the 4 sets of neighbours wanting to get together and enjoy tea whilst speaking on facetime, safe in their own homes. And the dear gentleman who ordered 6 of them to be sent to his son and family with a little note ‘Look forward to being with you all again soon, Grandad’

Some of these requests have been so very kind and thoughtful, some quite uplifting and some are real tear jerkers.

But, they are all an absolute pleasure to bake for. And would you believe it –they may also be brightening up someone’s day; and of course the hosts are supporting a local family business, for which I say a huge thankyou.

Enjoy your tea! Sue

Merrow Savouries


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