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- Cheats Stroganoff in a hurry -

Whilst we are so busy we both need quick and tasty suppers to prepare in our respective homes. There is the classic Russian dish of Beef Stroganoff made with strips of beef fillet and sour cream.The alternative is a similar recipe but using turkey..

Turkey fillets are very good value, light, healthy and pan fry in just minutes. Win win.

However, they can be a tad bland on their own so need a tasty sauce to bolster them up.

Think needing gravy, cranberry sauce and all the trimmings with Roast Turkey.

Our recipe, albeit most certainly not authentic Russian, fits the bill beautifully – and easily adaptable if you want a healthy alternative.

But, here’s the not so healthy version first, to serve 2….

  • Pan fry a large sliced onion with 4 large sliced mushrooms and a grated clove of garlic, for just a few minutes. Remove from the pan and set aside.

  • In the same pan; Slice 2 turkey fillets into strips. Add to the pan and cook for just 4 or 5 minutes until meat is cooked through.

(This is where our beloved food probe proves invaluable. Actually, our professional kitchen has 3! A tool that every kitchen should have. When cooking in our 5 star hygiene rated kitchen Environmental Health regulations insist, quite rightly, that any meat we prepare is cooked to the right temperature, at least 75’c - which needs the probe to confirm. Then, the resulting temperature and time it was taken must be recorded in writing. Every time! Phew! many people don’t realise the huge number of regulations we must adhere to, to maintain our top star rating. Many professional caterers actually give up their business because of all the rules and ensuing admin!)

Off the hobby horse about every kitchen needing a food probe and back to the recipe.

  • Return the onion and mushroom mixture to the pan. Now with the meat, onions and mushrooms cooked – tip in half a tub of good quality cream cheese with chopped chives. Add a small tin of drained sweetcorn. Then a good splash of medium sherry. You may like to add a little seasoning, this is the best time to season once all your ingredients are together.

  • Simply heat through. Now you're Done!

  • You can serve on basmati rice or with large noodles. Or even stir through pasta. Start to finish under 15minutes! Just what is needed in these busy times for us.

For a healthier version omit the cream cheese and tip in a small tub of crème fraiche. Or plain yoghurt will do the trick. You don’t have to use sherry either.

For more of a punch – stir in some English mustard. Or our store cupboard standby – chilli sauce. You may like to add a sprinkling of dried thyme. The traditional Russian Beef Stroganoff has paprika or you may prefer dried tarragon which is very 1990s dinner parties – tarragon seemed to be in every recipe back then – and I don’t like it!



Merrow Savouries

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