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Kitchen hacks

Kitchen Hacks


Last month we suggested some of our cooking hacks to make life a little easier in a very busy kitchen.

This month please try some of actual kitchen hacks…


Number one tip – chopping boards always seem to slide and move – simply place a tea towel under the board. Safe non wobbly board and no cut fingers!


  • Smelly hands having chopped onions or garlic? Apart from saving the problem in the first place by wearing plastic disposable gloves – rub a cut lemon slice over your hands. Works!  


  • If you are having a big cook day – get out all bowls, equipment and utensils out of their homes first. Maybe put them all onto a tray or utensils in a jug.  Saves constantly opening drawers and cupboards, especially if you have floury hands.

  • When using baking parchment to line a tray, crumple it up first, it will open up and makes it easier to get into corners.

  • Another baking parchment tip is – before freezing cakes or a homecooked meal – lie a piece of magic paper over it first, then wrap very well in foil or cling film.  Helps stop ‘freezer burn’.

  • Invest in a very small mini whisk.  Next time you have an empty jam jar, wash it well. Use said mini whisk and jam jar when making dressings and vinaigrettes.

  • If you don’t have one – buy a knife sharpener – you will be very pleased with yourself – and your sharp knives!

  • If you are worried that eggs are not as fresh as they should be – pop them into a bowl of cold water. If they float don’t use them!

  • Talking of ‘fresh’ – bags of mixed salad leaves are very attractive and useful but do go off quickly. Once opened, place a sheet of kitchen paper in the bag., which absorbs any moisture that will make the leaves soggy.  Magic.

  • A real student’s tip – if you have started making your own pastry (and it is not rocket science!) but don’t have a rolling pin – use a clean wine bottle.

  • If you are boiling eggs for an egg sandwich or to put on a salad niçoise etc – pop the cooked eggs straight into ice cold water until cold – this will stop cooking process! Stoppng the edge of the old going grey and you'll have nice clear bright white eggs with yellow yolks.


Enjoy & good luck !


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